Iperal is a large-scale distribution company present in seven provinces of Lombardy (Sondrio, Lecco, Como, Monza Brianza, Varese, Brescia and Bergamo) with over 40 stores. In 2012 Iperal undertook a digitalization process that led it to become a growing company in the large-scale retail market and a reference point in Lombardy.


In 2017, there was a 24% increase in users who subscribed to Iperal’s newsletter. This sharp increase can also be seen in its campaigns’ performance, which show a higher opening and click-through rate – 20% and 6% respectively – compared to the average results of the large-scale distribution segment (obtained from the MailUp Statistical Observatory 2018).

The data related to segmentation is interesting: by defining eight different sending clusters, the newsletter recorded a near 30% increase in clicks on the various contents.

27 %
Open rate
0,05 %
Unsubscription rate
5 %
Click rate
300 thousand
Subscribe to the newsletter
Progressively evolving to offer increasingly targeted communications in line with the customers needs. Thanks to MailUp's workflows, one-to-one relationship is possible.

Alessandro Marchesini
Digital Marketing Director, Iperal
Best Practices

Understand your emails as flyers which present offers and send recipients – with just one click – to explore items and products on the site.

Create a responsive modular structure with the BEE editor: its grid layout easily hosts a large amount of content while preserving legibility.

Segment your recipients into clusters to improve engagement and performance across the entire funnel: openings, clicks, conversions.

Disseminate your purchase incentive communications: gifts and coupons that shorten the distances between the online and stores.