SMS Marketing: win over in 160 characters

Send up to 200 high-quality (Gold) SMS per second, everywhere in the world, thanks to the delivery to 220 networks. Effective, fast and instantly read: with SMS, you can extend the reach of your business and reach new customers, with high opening rates.

Flexible, customized, relevant SMS

With dynamic fields, you can personalize your SMS based on your contacts’ activities, interests and personal information. You can send up to ten multi-part messages and insert a link to a landing page to show your offers.

One channel, endless resources

High performance around the globe

The platform allows you to send up to 200 SMS per second all over the world, in any alphabet (charset) with confirmation of SMS receipt.

Easy, adaptable, automated

With advanced marketing automation features, you can easily send the right message at the right time.

Personalized sender

Make your sender stand out by replacing the impersonal phone number with a unique and representative alias.

Double your efficiency

Unlock the potential of multi-channel marketing by integrating email and SMS campaigns to offer a unique and continuous shopping experience.

Strength through integration

Thanks to the extensive API library (SOAP and REST), web services and batch FTP, you can connect MailUp to your CRM, CMS, ERP system or e-commerce.

Link tracking

In-depth stats & reports, by campaign or by individual recipient, with click tracking on your links.

Inbound SMS

Allow your recipients to reply to your SMS and interact with you, meanwhile you can collect new data.

10 linked texts

You can combine up to 10 SMS to have around 1,500 characters and provide your recipients with all the information you want.

Transactional SMS

Use your SMS to confirm your customers transactions, to notify the automatic renewal of a service or to inform them about some improvements.

Create landing pages and link them to your SMS

With the drag & drop editor, you can create a mobile-optimized page dedicated to your products and services. Include the link in your SMS and mailings: your recipients just need to tap their smartphones.

Send personalized SMS, automatically

Reach the right recipient at the right time, with tailored and relevant content. The marketing automation features do the work for you, optimizing and speeding up your flow of communications.

Monitor the success of your SMS

You have full control over your messages thanks to in-depth statistical reports, by campaign or by individual recipient, right through to tracking clicks on your link. And what about errors? By checking the report you can find out at any time the SMS failed.

Fixed costs and no recurring fee

Using SMS credits, you only pay for what you send based on your needs and country of destination. You have up to two years to use the credits you purchase.

All the potential of MailUp