Predictive Marketing: grow your conversions with data

Match MailUp flexibility with Datatrics Artificial Intelligence: foresee your customers’ interests, create tailor-made buying experiences and increase the conversions.

Artificial Intelligence designed for marketing

Artificial Intelligence allows you to predict customer behaviours, offer personalized content and increase conversions and revenues.

Grow your conversions up to 30% with relevant experiences

Use your customers’ data to create unforgettable buying experiences. We’ll help increase your conversion rates thanks to coherent contents. The predictive algorithms applied to the marketing strategies lead to a 10-15% average growth in revenue.

Improve your marketing plan

Predictive Marketing tells us exactly what your customers like. You will know what to post, which channels you should use, who you should contact and when. Work with your team, plan your actions and reach your goals, without being a data analyst. Take advantage of data to improve your marketing actions.

Discover Email Marketing advantages with MailUp

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