Become a Referral Partner for MailUp and start making money

Increase your revenue easily, quickly and flexibly with MailUp’s Referral Program.
Introduce our platform to your contacts and get a commission for each new customer suggested.

Program details

Are you an agency or a marketing consultant? Do you help your contacts with digital communication? Join MailUp’s Referral program and earn a commission for each subscription undersigned thanks to your help.

30 %
the maximum revenue you earn on each new subscription
*earnings of a Gold Partner. For example: 30% of a MailUp Premium subscription is approximately €870.
the commission you can earn for each client*
*maximum profit calculated on the yearly value of a premium subscription
0 limits
on the number of contacts and commissions you can generate

A path for growth

We have designed a path to follow together, on two levels: Silver and Gold.
Along the way, you’ll receive all the tools and resources you need to run your business, earn more revenue and unlock new benefits.

Silver Partner

Everything you need to start: 20% one-time commission on subscription services, free training and event tickets, workshops and webinars for your customers, and dedicated discounts.

Gold Partner

All the benefits of the Silver level, plus: 30% one-time commission on subscription services, invitations to exclusive MailUp events.

How the referral program works
    Become a Partner

    Fill out the form and send your request to join the Referral Program.
    Once you get approval, register and log in to the partner area.

    Promote MailUp

    Use the referral link in the partner area to spread the word through blogs, newsletters, banners and other digital content.

    Earn your own commission

    Receive 20% of the value of each subscription your contacts activate. You will get a commission for the first year of subscription. If you qualify for the Gold level, your commissions increase to 30%.

Partner advantages

You help your contacts expand their business with MailUp. We help you grow yours, with a free, flexible partnership.

Earn quickly

all you have to do is recommend MailUp to your contacts: we’ll take care of the rest

Simplify your customers’ work

promoting a professional, high performance tool like MailUp.

Increase know-how

thanks to exclusive training materials and training moments for partners

Is this program not suitable for you? We have an alternative.

Discover our Reseller Program: Promote effective marketing strategies by purchasing the MailUp platform at a dedicated price and selling it to your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the referral program for?

For everyone who wants to implement an alternative revenue stream for their business that is easy to set up, flexible and free of charge. Marketing consultants, digital influencers and web agencies who advise and support clients in digital marketing and communication activities for their work.

What do I have to do to become a Referral Partner?

Fill out the form at this link. We will consider your request and send an approval notice to the email address provided. Once you have been approved, you will have to register to your partner area, from which you can perform all your activities and obtain the referral link to use in your digital content.

Is there an enrollment fee?

No, there is no enrollment fee and you do not need to be a MailUp customer.

How does the partner activity work?

It is very flexible. You can manage it according to your needs and commitments. You can access in-depth materials to expand your knowledge of MailUp in your partner area. That way, you can promote the platform in your digital content using the partner links provided. Then, all you have to do is recommend the platform to your contacts: MailUp takes care of sales and subscription operations. In the partner area you can view the contacts who subscribed to MailUp and monitor all the fees you’ve earned.

How does the commission work?

If you are a Referral Partner, you will receive a commission ranging from 20% to 30% (depending on whether you are a Silver or Gold Partner) on the annual or monthly activation value of the platform, excluding any additional services that the customer may purchase, for every new customer who subscribes to MailUp through your promotional activities. The commission is earned for the first year of the subscription. Payment is made only after the contact you referred becomes a MailUp customer and is discontinued if the customer terminates the contract with MailUp.

What is the difference between Silver and Gold Partner?

If you are a Gold Partner, it means that you have already referred at least 5 new customers to MailUp, and starting with the sixth, your commission will increase from 20% to 30%. You will be entitled to priority on all MailUp events and all free tickets provided by MailUp to attend relevant business events.

Which are the discounts and benefits for Partners?

Partners can enjoy tailored discounts when purchasing a MailUp platform or services for themselves. On the first purchase, Partners are entitled to a 35% discount on a biennial subscription or a 20% discount on an annual subscription. Partners can also avail themselves of a 10% discount on additional services and a 5% discount on SMS credits. These discounts do not apply to the first purchase if the Partner has been previously referred by another MailUp Partner. After renewal, Partners can benefit from tailored discounts only on new purchases (these discounts do not apply to subscriptions or other services previously purchased). The following discounts apply to all new product or service purchases: a 35% discount on biennial purchases or a 20% discount on annual purchases, a 10% discount on additional services, and a 5% discount on SMS credits.
Become a Referral Partner