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Your goals are unique and deserve a tailor-made solution. Our Support team isn’t just there for troubleshooting and quick fixes – its goal is to help you make the most of your platform, with complete confidence and peace of mind.


Brand X experienced constant delays in transactional SMS transmission and couldn’t access the statistics section inside the platform.


Our Support team found out the reason: the customer sent its SMS via API by using a wrong SOAP method.


First of all, the Support team reactivated the correct SMS transmission. After that, the brand was helped to set up a new transactional method that granted higher performances in the long term.


The improvement is clearly visible. Thanks to the stability of the new solution, the brand could extend an application based on the same system to all its national agencies.

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    “Immediate and precise answer. Well done Melania.”
    Davide Russo – Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre S.p.a.

    “Always swift and effective. Well done!”
    Cesare Ambrosi – Blue Panorama Airlines

    “Excellent service and speedy resolution, even on Christmas Eve. Everything was solved through one email.”
    Federico Klausner – Travelglobe

    “Kind, professional and quick, as usual. Very much appreciated.”
    Cinzia Dicomun – Digicamere

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