Banco BPM

With almost 22,000 employees and over 1,700 branches, Banco BPM is the third-largest banking group in Italy. It serves 4 million customers through an extensive, complementary distribution network and a widespread multi-channel model. Its presence throughout the country makes Banco BPM the national leader in various business sectors with high added value.


These are the results reached by Banco BPM:

47,2 %
Open rate
3.55 %
Click rate
0.06 %
Unsubscribe rate
10 %
Conversion rate
Banco BPM
I must always use innovative tools in my work: the evolution of the MailUp platform has allowed me to manage increasingly challenging projects.

Silvia Bernardinello
Banco BPM Campaign Specialist, Banco BPM
Best Practices

Integrate your systems (business intelligence, e-commerce, CRM) with the MailUp platform to share and automatically synchronize customer information.

Segment recipients into clusters to improve engagement and increase performance across the entire funnel—from openings to clicks and conversions.

Develop triggered email workflows that touch all phases of the funnel: they allow optimizing conversions of already-acquired contacts and avoiding new investments in lead generation.

Create a responsive modular structure with the BEE editor: thanks to its grid layout, it easily hosts a large amount of content while preserving legibility.